Hello, I am Jeannette van Uffelen                                                                

 Stress Release Specialist

When you really want to improve yourself and your life, you’re at the right place here with me. You will be rewarded for your time and investment. I guarantee you changes and you will notice them very soon in your self, your health, your life. I help you to be free from stress, fear, fatigue, anger, grief, trauma or disease.

Yes, it is possible to release restrictive patterns and limiting beliefs and it happens faster then you imagined. I teach you how to embody your life from your inner power and selflove. I’m a Certified Advanced Faster EFT & Eutaptics Practitioner and Certified Trainer. Or to say it simple: I’m a Tapping Junkie. Do you want to know more about me, click here. See my Premium Packages and make an appointment or contact me for a free 30 minutes online consultation.

Tired of being tired

No progress at all, no matter what you do?
More and more progrestination, even for what used to be great fun. It’s not only at work, even in your free time and holidays you’re getting annoying and heavy, even towards your most dearest.
Do you want to know why this is, or even better, do you want to get rid of this weariness?

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Too skinny or too fat

Eating is always a problem, too much or too little, never enjoying it, never just eat something but always busy with food. Is it good enough?
Counting calories, intolerance, allergie and always stress at going out (nice) for a meal. On a diet since forever and still getting heavier? Or were you already always the problematic eater?

You can change this now

Knowing a lot but doing nothing

You have a plan, but you don’t implement it.
You’re full of good intensions, but nothing works out for you. There is something holding you back or is it you? Or is it just too much?
You’ve read so many (management) books, made lists and plans and you can tell everybody how it has to be done. But how about you?

Start moving


‘Actually I see myself as a gigantic loser’ said someone recently upon entering. ‘I have it all, I am healthy and still … ‘ Do you recognize this? Pouting and (silently) thinking bad things about and saying to yourself. No wonder that it doesn’t feel well. There is a reason you do this and there is all reason to change this as soon as possible.


Always afraid

Are you always scared and is it inexplicable? Actually there is nothing to worry about? Maybe you became an expert in hiding your fears and found all kinds of good reasons to, for example, not getting into the car anymore.
At first the highway became too fast and too scary, than the rush hour … Do you want to understand it?

Get rid of it


Addiction is often treated as if it is a disease, but you know it is a choice. You know that you can quit, because you gave proof of it already.
How many times did you stop? Sometimes a little help is needed. If all the world is sick, you still can choose. You can start again everyday and it is never too late to change. Not easy, but possible for sure.

Choose for yourself

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